Palosi and the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party gong to destroy the White Race

Nancy D’Alasndro (a Mexican) admitted in her 8 hour speech in congress surrounded by Mexicans and Negros following  the Kennedy Doctrine. Of no White race in the United States of America is that this is what she and the whole Nazi Demo-rat Communist Party want to do is to destroy the White Population by making sure that no one who is White comes into this Country.   That is why they DACA and every Illegal Mexican Alien to be here. That is why the Demo-rats only let in Negros and people who are not White come into our Country. And the Religion The Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party want Islam to be the Religion next to the Government to be god.

The White people better organize themselves and fight for the White race harder then our Politicians who want to destroy us!!! Proof form Nancy D’Alasndro Pelosi said today or yesterday, everything I have said and written about the Demo-rat Nazi Communist Party are making sure they destroy the White Race. I am never wrong when I write about the most evil people in the world our Senators and Congressmen. Our enemy our  The Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party and Traitor Republicans. They have all been in office to long. Time to vote out long term politicians and cut the Bureaucracy to 1/4  and get rid of the Department of Education and Energy. They hurt us the most of the all the Bureaucracies.

Keep your guns handy, the civil war is coming soon to save we the White people of this Country who made this Country. Not the Illegal Mexican Aliens, or the Negros or the Muslims. Look into our history.