Catholic Church is joining Islam



The Catholic Church has committed suicide since the sixties, when it changed and took God out of the religion. And our recent Popes including John started working with the Muslims. The Catholic Church has a adopted a lot form the Muslim religion,  and  a little bit of every faith that their is and  incorporated into the new services, Deacons from the Protestants reading and taking the word of the Bible as the absolute truth , some from the Jews, Baptists and so on.

The Catholic Church thinks it can take over all Religions and become a Universal Church of the world. All it is going to do is completely destroy itself. And that was in the letter that the Church refused to read that the Blessed Mother sent to the children. But we must remember that like the United States of America in order for the World to change the most influential religion must be destroyed along with the United States of America. Why do you think the Powers that run the world wanted and got a Communist Pope to run the Church. Francis is like Obama he was put their to destroy the Catholic Church once and for all. And the super  Powers the super rich and all our Senators and Congressmen, the UN the Bildeberg want all this destroyed. So that the gangs and thugs and ignorance rule and Islam, a “Murder Cult” will be the religion of the world. It all bowels down to Money and Power and control and slavery of the people to serve the rich.

The Catholic Church now speaks from the bible about everything. But the Bible can be interpreted any way you want it to go. But as I remember years ago the Church taught that the all Catholics should follow the Ten Commandments only. If you wanted to read stories of every kind, read the Bible but don’t follow the Bible follow the Ten Commandments. And also the Catholic church is become to very Political going along with the Liberals that run the USA. Not a good idea on the part of the Catholic church. It is always about money and never really about God.

In the sixties the Catholic church lost billions of dollars when the Communists took over the Asia and they lost all their churches. Then they started  Looking to gain that money back to the Church They  changed the Mass  to target the Negros. And that was in the New World Catholic Paper. So the Catholics better remember the church is run by men who are as greedy as anyone else. Control is the name of the game. And be ready for the Dark Ages, which was caused by Religions. But now we have world Governments to push us back into the dark ages. You can see it happening now in our Country, our laws are braking down more every day because of the Government giving money to the Police to look the other way when crimes are committed by the Minorities. Look at Chicago, look at Florida look at California. Gangs Rule and crime is OK. Kill people and go free, commit any crime you want and go free thanks to our Government.

Our Government also supports all our enemies in the world that want to destroy us.