Baby Jebby Bush picks on the Trump Family…Rat!

Jeb Bush of the “New World Order” Bush family should stop attacking President Trump and Baron Trump in fact the whole family. This proves that he is an asshole and not a Presidential person. Fat Jeb, Daddies little boy, has a lot of nerve to show  up at a conservative meeting, when he is not a Conservative but a New World Order person like his father and brother. Jeb Bush wanted to put implants into children’s brains to see what the will do next. And as they grow up in  the New World Order, Jeb Bush wants to put implants that are bigger then the ones they used on children when they were small.

The Bush family have some real sick ideas to control we the people and the world. Jeb Bush, Daddies little fat boy, just shows one face to us and the other face is evil and destructive just like his father and his brother. Who are in the back ground of working against President Trump and the people of the United States of America. Remember Jeb Bush said that Trump would never be President. He said it like he knew that Trump would be dead before he became President. In the back of the Bush families mind they would love to murder Trump for Daddies little boy Jebby Bushy. The Bush Family think that they will be the rulers of the World in their New World Order!. Watch our for the Bush Family they cannot not be trusted! Gutless cowards to pick on the President Family.