McCain doesn’t want President Trump to come to his Funeral…Don’t go.


McCain doesn’t want Trump at his funeral, who cares about McCain he was and is a peace of shit. McCain is against the second Amendment, he is for open borders, he is for belonging to two countries, he is for Spanish as a second language. And he always said I serve the Government and not the people. But the goofs from Arizona voted this Traitor in every time. If I was Trump, piss on McCain and the rest of his Progressive Rhino family. Don’t go it’s no big deal so what he’s dead a lot of people are dead and dying what makes McCain so special. He’s only a man.

I almost forgot McCain is also for the UN and the Bush Families “New World Order. He was also Obama’s man, after Obama and Hillary Clinton had Ambassador Stevens murdered, to go tell the Freedom fighters in Syria, who in reality were and are ISS and Al-Qaeda.  And Obama funded them billions of dollars with the help of McCain. The same people that are killing our soldiers.

Better men then McCain have died, and nobody noticed. McCain deserves nothing. All his work against the USA and we the people are for nothing, because McCain is going to die All these big shot Traitors like the Bush Family, Carter, the Clinton Crime family, Nancy D”alasandro Pelosi,  Obama should die of Aids, all the Nazi Demo-rats don’t believe that they will die some day. That is one thing none of these Traitors will be alive to see the damage that they have done. They say people die in threes, well Barbra Bush  just died, McCain is going to die that would be two and Bush Sr. is on his way out and that should make three. They won’t be missed by the people.