Our real enemy


The other day on Fox some one had a show and said that China was our real enemy because their War machine is better then ours and they are now a world power. More powerful then Russia.

Who made them this powerful? Our Presidents and vice Presidents and all the wealthy Senators and Congressman. Our government has always worked for the enemy of our Country. President Clinton and Al Gore sold Military Computer Technology to China for 500 thousand dollars. Then Clinton had a law passed so he couldn’t be charged with Treason. Bill Clinton was the guy that put China where it is today. Then Obama carried on always giving our Military secrets to China. Also every wealthy Senator and Congressmen is owned by China. They make their deals through their children, so they can’t be touched. Read the book Secret Empires, which goes into detail how it is done. Then the Children of ex-V.P. Biden and Kerry’s stepson have accumulated billions of dollars from China, Russia and the Ukraine. They fathers were used to influence our Government to do favors for China and give them the secret Technologies in their war machine. China builds a lot of of our Military equipment. That means that have exactly what we have and better. McConnell ‘s wife’s family owns a shipping company that does a hug business with the USA because of McConnell.

So who are the real enemies of the United States? All our ex Presidents from Carter to Obama and all our Senators and Congressmen. At least 90% are true traitors to our Country! They are also owned by George Soros.   These are our True enemies of our Country. No one else. we wouldn’t have any enemies if it were not for these money power hungry Traitors because they run our Government. Vote all the traitor Nazi Demo-rats and Rhino Traitor Republicans out and put in new people and then vote them out so that they can’t have the power they have today to sell us out. I voted against the incumbents in the primary. That is where you get these Rats out is  in the primary elections. Declare yourself and vote out the incumbents, sso in November you can vote your person in.