Netflex going down the tubes…Good

Netflex is loosing customers by the thousands, because they hired Susan Rice a liar and a Racist and a cover up Rat for the Obama’s. Who ever is running Netflex is living somewhere in outer space if they think that the people want to hear from a Traitors like Obama’s and his  his crocked wife. The Obama’s stole three trillion dollars for them selves, our of the twelve 12 trillion dollars he borrowed from China and gave China all our secrets for our military technology  sold out our country to the Mexicans and caused the invasion of the Muslims. Obama and Hillary Clinton had Ambassador Stevens murdered. Obama had a Seal team murdered because he gave the order to kill Osama bin laden and that was his pay back to Saudi Arabia for killing their Prince. But what did Obama care about killing our Seal team, Nothing. He loves killing people, so he said every Tuesday when the CIA came to ask him who he wanted to be killed next. Obama and Mooch hated our Service men and they both hate our country. They should go to South Africa where the Negros are taking over and murdering all the white people and get a pat on the back for Social Justice. . ( By the way, his name was not Usama, the Fake News Media did that to protect Obama because it sounds to much like his name, Osama and Obama are both Rats.( But one of the Rats is dead)

Obama worked  with and for the Russians, not President Trump, in 2012 and has served Russia and Puten ever since. Obama and Hillary Clinton with the help of the Russians tried to rig the election so she could win and carry on Obama destruction of our country and all his Negro Staff including Susan Rice to destroy our Country. Obama gave the order to the FBI to get President Trump. Obama is running the Deep State trying to over through President Trump. Sessions and Rosenstein still work for Obama and are part of the Deep State and and Obama and his wife Mooch would use Netflex for their own Propaganda against President Trump and still want the Illegal Aliens Mexicans, and Muslims and open borders to take over  the USA.

So Nexflex is a dumb liberal  entertainment organization who don’t live in reality and think they are helping the Negro Agenda which is to destroy the White Race here in the USA, open borders, Islam  and high crime.

Good, I hope Nextflex goes broke!!! See if Obama and his mooch wife would give up any of their money to support Nexflex and their Traitor agenda against our Country and President Trump and the White people who made Nexfle what it is today. The Negros don’t support anything it is all “White Man’s Shit”

WE can never forget that Obama and his Anti American Negro and Muslim  Cabinet gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Iran who trains Terrorists to attract our Soldiers and we can never forget that Obama ‘s rules of engagement was for the enemy and not our Soldiers to be killed eraser. Or the Fact t that Obama and Hillary Clinton and McCain supplied ISIS with money and training. And Nexflex hired these two America Haters And Negro Traitors. Can we every forget that Obama OK’d the Deal with Russia to own over 20% of our uranium  mines.Clinton got 125 million in tax free money for her money laundering Foundation and how much money did Obama get for selling us out to the Russians.

Nexflex is the most stupid Organization I have ever seen tp hire Susan Rice and the Obama’s.