Paul Ryan the Big Obama Government Rat


Paul Ryan was never for the United States of america or we the people pr our freedom or our Constitution. Ryan always worked for the Government. Meaning he was a Demo-rat then a Republican and like McCain served Obama and the Government not the people who elected him to work for them and our Country. Ryan believes in Government not freedom. He believes that Government should control our lives that we the people should have no choice but what people like Ryan in our Government want want. They think that they are smarter and better then we dummies who for vote for these Rats who lie all the why to get elected. Once they are elected they turn on we the people and work for the Government and the money they make selling us out to the highest  bidders.

Who owns Ryan the Deep State run by Obama, McConnell and his mentor that drunken cry baby Boehner who quit to become a 5 Million dollar a year Lobbyist. So who ever he works for can go to Ryan, who Boehner hand picked  Ryan to take over his job and get laws passed to screw the people for the people that Boehner represents and they cut up the money between them selves with Ryan taking the biggest cut.

Ryan always wrote laws and for the Government and higher taxes for the Government. The he has that face as to say “what’s the matter with that?” Pay dummy.

Ryan was always jealous of President Trump because him and that phony Romney in the 2012 election had Obama on the ropes and let him win. Romney and Ryan were  told to loose the election by the wealthy powers that control them like David Rockefeller’s Bildaberg and others who want to wreck our country like Sorros who also owns a big piece of Ryan.

Well Paul Ryan was always a Government man working for the Demo-rats and Obama and the Deep State. You know why McConnell and Ryan don’t want a trade war. Because they are owned by China and Mexico and Canada and the Muslims just to name a few countries.

A trade war, we the people benefit. No trade war, big Business who owns all the Politicians and Big Business  loose, we the people win. That’s called destroying the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party lies about leveling the Playing field. That is where everybody pays the same price and the people loose but the Government wins and Big Business win. Look at the gas stations they all have the same price for gas so it doesn’t matter where you buy gas your going to get stuck in your ass. Now if there is a trade war some gas station to compete with the others and go broke have to reduce their price to get your business. Who wins we the people win. Cars and trucks are the same thing and Government controls them too. So with out Government controlling everything we win where it counts in our pockets not theirs.

Therefor Ryan and McConnell and his crew, are all Rats owned by big Business and China, Russia, and the rest. You know what you can do with Europe and Canada and Mexico c and South America, screw them all take care of us first, the way  President Trump always states America First!