Demo-rats are never for the working people or our Country

The Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party has been in charge of this country Since Roosevelt. There lies were always, “we’re for the working man. Level the playing field and other communist slogans. In reality the Nazi Demo-rat Party were and are never for the working people. They are our enemies, look around  how powerful and super rich they all have become. Staying as a Senator or Congressmen all their lives they have become greedy, so greedy it is mind blogging. The power they have over we the people is extremely dangerous for us, not them. If the people in California vote for Diann Feinstein and Nancy D’Aasandro (Mexican) Pelosi the two biggest and worst criminals in the State of California, who have robbed the people of California for years. They deserve to become all Mexican and MS 13 Gangs  rule. Wait until l the Nazi Demo-rat Muslims take over and watch all the Homos that voted for these two Traitors get burned  alive.

look at what these greedy pigs have done to we the people in the last 8 years under Obama who moved things along at a 100 miles and hour for these Senators and Congressmen work for Big Business not us. The passed laws that benefit,  Insurance Companies, Light companies, Banks, car dealerships.

Go to a Car insurance company and try and get a better deal cheaper insurance for your car. There is none they all charge the same thing. Our enemy our Past Presidents like that Traitor Rat Obama, the Clinton Crime Family Al Gore, Joe Biden, Kerry, all our Senators and Congressmen lead by greedy traitors, McConnell, Ryan, Boehner, Schumer, Pelosi. They killed “free enterprise” “leveling the playing field where no matter when we go to try and get a brake and save some money for ourselves there is none. Life Insurance Companies charge you book keeping on your life insurance polices.

Lets say you have 30,000 dollars invested in a life insurance policy, doesn’t matter what insurance company you go to they all charge you book keep fees. and you don’t even know it.    Go to cash it in and you will find that you only have 2,000 dollars left our of the 30,000 dollars you invested. Don’t believe it, check it out. same thing with cars and trucks no Free enterprise, no matter where you buy your Ford , or Chevy the price is the same. Leveling the communist Demo-rat Playing field. Who make our money? The Companies that their Lobbyist bribed with millions of dollars to our Senators and Congressmen to pass the laws for them and not us.  The the Government subsidizes them, besides,  so the make more of our tax dollars while our enemy our Government bled us to death and we have no money for our families or our selves. The Senators and Congressmen and ex Presidents only let us exist, but we never have enough money in our pockets. Just enough to survive   on.

Then they create laws that benefit them so they never go to jail for any crimes they commit. And they are super rich and they always beg us for money so they can stay in power and screw us out of more of our money. That also includes the cowards who call them selves Republicans. Sure they stay quiet they get their share of the loot. These fools want the Demo-rats to stay in power and screw we the people. They don’t fight for the right thing to do for our Country and protect we the people, because the get that big money from people like Soros who controls all the people in our Government. Our Traitor Senators and Congressmen have made sure by their dirty dealing that they will always remain super rich while the rest of us starve to death.

That is the problem with voting these Traitors to the Senate and Congress year after year. They become so powerful you can’t stop them and they will destroy our country like they are doing right now.

The Demo-rats never helped or worked for the people the conned the people into believing they were the people’s Party. They are the Nazi Socialist.Communist Party. They hate all the White people and have made modern slave of the Negros and these dummies don’t believe that. The Nazi Demo-rat Party put invisible chains around their stupid necks. So free enterprise is dead and we the people will always be the victims of our enemy our Government, and one day there will be no United States of America thanks to our ex President Traitors: Non worked for the people of our country or our country they all worked for Europe, China, the Muslim Terrorist. None of the Presidents or their appointees ever worked or were loyal to the United States Of America. All money hungry Traitors!

35. John F Kennedy 1961-1963
36. Lyndon B Johnson 1963-1969
37. Richard M Nixon 1969-1974
38. Gerald R Ford 1974-1977
39. James “Jimmy” Carter 1977-1981
41. George HW Bush 1989-1993
42. William J Clinton 1993-2001
43. George W Bush 2001-2009,
44. Barack H Obama 2009-2017

If it were not for President Trump trying to turn things around. With the Nazi Demo-rat Party and Hillary Clinton to carry on Obama destruction or the USA we’d be gone. and every Senator and Congressmen would help her. The Nazi Demo-rat Party Leveled the “Playing Field and we the people are getting the shaft a with no grease
Keep your guns if we the white people have any brains we will have to use them to save our selves Sooner then later. Don’t ever vote for a Demo-rat if he or she swore on a stack of bible ten feet high i would never believe them. And that goes for the Rhino Traitor Republicans who are no better then the Nazi Demo-rats