Judge Jeanine on calls to abolish ICE

Socialism is a soft word for Communism, and these two kind of Governments are only for the rich, and we the people become poor begging slaves that these kinds of Governments can kill us at will. Judge Jeanine is right. President Trump should make her a Supreme Court Justice. She is ten times better then Sotomayor, Gingberg, and a few more Obama appointed liberals. Roberts is no prize.

From the Conservative Institute:

Judge Jeanine on calls to abolish ICE: ‘This, my friends, is socialism’

July 5, 2018

Judge Jeanine on calls to abolish ICE: ‘This, my friends, is socialism’Sara / CCL

A dangerous ideology is gaining momentum in America which threatens to fundamentally transform the country — but Fox News host Jeanine Pirro believes it can be stopped at the at the southern border.

Speaking during the opening segment of her prime time show, the former district attorney contended that calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency represent an “ongoing step-by-step agenda to change our country at its very core.”

“This, my friends, is socialism,” Pirro proclaimed.

Watch below:

The Socialist States of America

Pirro’s pessimistic prognosis came in response to coast-to-coast demonstrations last weekend aimed at protesting the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings. This strict enforcement — when coupled with a Ninth Circuit Court ruling from 2016 that says children may not be held in detention facilities with their parents for longer than 20 days — has resulted in the separation of hundreds of migrant families over the past three months.

However, the liberals who marched in some 750 “Families Belong Together” rallies last week were not simply seeking to reunite immigrant children with their trespassing parents. The underlying goal is, and always has been, to dissolve America’s borders and reshape the country into their socialist image. Pirro explained:

The narrative of today’s protest is backwards. Those marching object to adults who cross the border being separated from their children. It happened even before Trump was president. No one cared, objected or protested. Trump issues an executive order to end the family separations, and yet they still marched. So what’s going on?

The overarching message is that illegals — people who do not respect our laws — are entitled to everything that we Americans are. They are being wronged by Americans if we don’t share our wealth, our capitalistic success and our way of life with them. This, my friends, is socialism.”

Give them an inch, they take a socialist mile

Even after the president responded to bipartisan pressure by issuing an executive order that allows the government to “detain alien families together throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry,” Democrats remained disgruntled.

Simply put, progressives will never be satisfied until their demands for a borderless and socialist nation are met. A recent poll from the American Culture and Faith Institute revealed that an alarming four out of every ten adults now prefer socialism to capitalism.

A new generation of Americans has forgotten about the evils that accompany communism and its Western European counterpart: socialism. In America’s academic establishment, Marxist professors have convinced their impressionable young students that traditional values, free markets, and capitalism — the hallmarks of Western civilization — are the evils of a neocolonial state.