NAtO and our so called allies who just as soon go against us as with us. And that includes the England run by the Muslims and their political Correctness and their catch and release programs of criminals and letting the Muslims off of committing honor killings of their wives and children because they, the super Liberals that these dummies are, adopted the Sharia Law over their own laws so the Muslims govern them selves and follow their laws that condone murder. A Country cannot survive if they have two different laws for people.Our country will not survive because we have two languages, duel Citizenship, and the invasion of Muslims and illegals aliens as long as they are none White. And that is the NAZI Socialist / Communist Demo-rat Parties and Traitor Republicans like Paul Ryan and hos Rats and McConnell  and his Rats who were allowed to steal and make deals with other countries to make them selves rich while wrecking our country. All this was Obama’s doing with their full cooperation, Aliens Illegal or other wise do not have the protection of our Constitution. Look it up!

The USA is NATO we put up hundred s of billions of dollars, all the countries use our great equipment and it’s free. A country puts 5,000 troops in the field and we put 50,000 troops in the filed to die in NATO”S And the USA adoption of the “NO WIN WARS ” That NATO and our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen let our kids die for nothing. Then they put restrictions on our Soldiers that they can’t kill the enemy only under certain conditions, but it is OK for the enemy to kill our troops any way they can. Nice. If the USA didn’t give away our tax dollars to the UN in the billions of dollars the UN would fold up. Their is no country in the UN that is on our side they all hate and work against us because all our Ex President made money hand over fist in the kick backs that they got from all these countries that we support. If it wasn’t for us their would be no UN.Trump is right pull out of NATO none of any country that we are fighting in declared war on us or attacked us. The Only country that attacked us was Saudi Arabia when they flew the planes into the Twin Towers and it was Bill Clinton was President we the tax payer that picked up the tab with our  tax dollars -so these Terrorist could learn to fly the plans and kill our people.

NATO has never brought peace to the world. Since it was thought of. The Korean War was the first NATO war and we lost. The USA  have been in “No Win War’, If you look at History we have been a constant war for a 100 years. We save the World twice. NATO and the UN have save nothing. 90% of all the soldiers that have died in all our wars have been White, only 10% of other races have died in all, the Wars. Get out of the UN and stop giving our money to other countries that use that money to attack us. Stop giving money to Mexico they help all the Illegal Aliens, criminals and people who are crazy that think the toilet is a wash tube to go through their country to destroy our country. The UN will destroy the world if we don’t get out of the UN and let these countries die or succeed with out our help. We support every body in the world except our own country that is because our Senators and congressmen have been in office to long and have sold  us out to everyone who gave them money and that includes George Soros who collects billions of dollars from our Congress of our tax dollars to destroy our Country. Not this money but our money!

Don’t vote for the Nazi Demo-rat party, and be careful of the Republicans you vote for. Like Romny who is a rat in sheep clothing to fight against Trump and we the people and be on the side of the Demo-rats.

Keep your guns handy and well cleaned and sight them in for the Civil war that the Nazi Demo-rat Party wants to start.