Nazi Demo-rat Party co-manages crime

After reading a little history of crime I have come to conclusion that the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party is so corrupt that they now mange crime and criminals. That also includes Obama and Hillary Clinton as the head of all these criminals. Hillary Clinton went out of her way to pass laws for the criminals, and worked with and for the Russians and Committed Treason everyday she was in Government and Obama went out of his way to have laws passed in Illinois to help criminals commit more crime and get away with them.

Why do you think that the Nazi Demo-rat Party want race hatred and have to create a new enemy for our country anytime we destroy one enemy they create another enemy. This time our enemy the Nazi Demo-rat Party and Leader Obama brought the enemy right into this country with the help of the coward Traitor Republicans like Ryan and McConnell who gave up the Senate to Schumer. Just to keep the Chaos going and we the people off balance.

Why do you think the the Communist Demo-rat Party want to abolish I.C.E. to protect their new people who are above the law the Illegal Alien Mexican Criminals that they bring into this country, 90% of all these Illegals have come from all the Prisons in Mexico and Honduras and Nicaragua and Panama.  All ignorant thieves and killers and the MS 13 Gang that Nancy Pelosi and Schumer want left in this country who are the coldest killers we have seen in a long time.

Have you seen a Muslim killer put to death yet? No. Who do the Nazi Demo-rat Party protect and work hand in and with the Criminals of this country. The ones that are already here, The Black Gangs the Puerto Rican Gangs. And Jimmy the Traitor Carter brought in all the Cuban Criminals from Cuba when he made a money deal with Castro to empty his jails and send all the criminals here to the USA. Carter the Traitor is a Nazi Demo-rat. They love the criminals look at the state of California run by all Demo-rats MS 13 Gangs run that State. Look at the Illegal Aliens that the Communist Demo-rat Party want into this country all criminal 90% don;t even know what a toilet is.

Look at Chicago a Demo-rat run City, Negro gangs kill each other over dope every day and the Police can’t stop these murders that they commit. Because they are told not too stop these killings or any Gang from committing a crime because the city is run by the Gang Bangers under the Management of Rhom Emanuel a trained Ballet Dancer. Nor can the State Police do anything to stop the crime in Chicago, even though the Governor is supposed to be a republican he is a Demo-rat run Governor, because City hall is run by the Negro Gang and Mexican , and Puerto rican Gangs.

Chicago’s Congressmen Louis Guttearize Is a big time Latin King leader. And Daley promoted him from a Latin Gang leader and drug dealer to Congressmen. Nazi Demo-rats at work helping killers and criminals. No Nazi Demo-rat judge will pass a death sentence on any Illegal Alien Mexican for any crime they commit. It’s hands off the Muslim Criminal and all the None White criminals. And Nazi Demo-rat Party and the Deep State run by Obama always are looking for people to massacre our school children who are defenseless because the Nazi Demo-rat Party. They cause Racism and Treason among themselves and they never go to jail because they are above the law yet we the people have to suffer for them bringing in Criminals and useless people  into our country to destroy it and they can commit thievery, commit murder, Rape, and what ever crime they commit and they don’t go to jail.

The Demo-rats have passed laws that protect the criminal and we the people. Also the Fake news Media helps the Demo-rats co manage the criminal by never printing truth about anything, they cover up for the Nazi Communism Demo-rat Party. and that includes Fox news who I wonder about. The Demo-rats have run this country for over 70 years owe and this is what they want to happen to us.

So we the people, the White people are at War with our Enemy the Communist Demo-rat Party who want to destroy us and our Country in favor of every one who is none White and have open borders and no united States of America. Be ready for a civil war and be sure to attack our Enemies in our Government. And remember President Trump is the nylon President in the 20th ,  21ST CENTURYS THAT IS FOR THE USA OUR FREEDOM OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY.

White people we better start banding together and forget about that bull shit when some points a finger at you and say your a Racist. They are the true Racist who hate the White people. Foot ball used to be a great game until the Negros took over and ruined because they are ungrateful Bastards who the white people made millionaires out of them. Not the Negros they don’t pay to see their own play that’s a White Mans Game.