Indians of Utah…stupid

The Indians in Utah are soft in the head, their to high on the “Piut Plant” for protesting  President Trump yesterday for coming to Utah. They had no clue what President Trump was going to do. They listen to the Fake News Media and the Demo-rats and other Liberals because they are stupid and like the Negros only think color. President Trump gave back to Utah their land, what Obama stole from everyone in the State especially  the Indians Lands.

The Indians should have protested  Obama  for stealing their land, no they went right with him because he is supposed to be Black and these dummies think that they should stick with the Blacks against the White people. Get over the bull shit what happened to the Indians in the 19th century they weren’t very nice people either killing and chopping defenseless White people. They always attacked people who couldn’t defend themselves like everybody else that wants to kill the White people.

But the movies don’t tell you how bad and mean the Indians were, only the White people were the bad guys. They still live in the 19th century. You know how much money they get from the Federal Government. Billions of dollars in aid. They pay no income tax, They can commit any crime they want on Indian land and get away with murder. And no one outsider can step in and arrest them on Indian property.

Assholes! President Trump just gave you back your land. It was Obama and the Demo-rats and your Congressmen and Senators who helped Obama F—k the whole state of Utah and the Indians out of their land.

There must be tons of money some where in that state that the crocked Senators and Congressmen and Traitors like Obama and the Clinton’s can get their hands on while screwing the Indians! Wake dummies President Trump is for the everybody in the United States of America! It is our enemy the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans who are not for the people of this country. They are for Illegal Aliens and  Muslims. Not we the People of the USA. They want the Dreamers to stay, 90% are Gang Bangers, their parents were criminals in the first place.