Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi

Nancy D’alesandro Pelosi is one of the biggest dishonest Pig Communist Nazi Demo-rats that there is. This Traitor, Tax Queen has never paid her taxes and if she did she didn’t pay more then a thousand dollars. Now this Rat is sending our e-mails wanting we the people to pay to destroy our selves and work against President Trump.

This Traitor never needed money to pass a tax bill for her god Obama and to hurt wqe the people but not them. This Traitor Pig Nancy D’alesandro Pelois stole more money then Al Capone ever dreamed that existed. When this Pig was the Speaker of the house after resigning from the Communist controlled Congressional Demo-rat Progressive Caucus , who took their orders directly from Russia, and turned it over to a fellow Communist Bernie Sanders. She alone used an Air force plane to travel back and forth from Washington DC to California a couple times a week our tax dollars. She took her whole family on trips to Rome and else where on our tax dollars, her Bar bills for the time she was Speaker of the house were over 250.000 Dollars and over per year. Her flower bill was almost the same amount of money. That was our money people, our tax dollars. How did she steal for her husband top get them super rich on Government contracts. That is all our money not the Pig’s  money. Now she wants the stupid people to donate to her to stop the tax brakes that we the people might get and money in our pockets not hers . Don’t give this treacherous lying Mexican Pig one dime of your hard earned money. Pelosi and the Nazi Demo-rat Communist Party don’t need money to raise our taxes and make we the people poo and them rich. In plan English Fuck that bitch! Give her nothing. She hates the USA and all the White people because she is for the Murder Illegal Mexican in San Francisco she is for all  Illegal Mexicans and and all Illegal Hispanics in this Country and the Muslims too.She is a senile old Pig bitch.

By the way she is no Italian,m shes a Mexican!