Explosion in Times Square 12/11/17

Proof that the Police can’t protect us the Federal Government Police that number like an Army with all their so called surveillance   cameras watching everybody in every street streets in the United States of America. All the Police are doling is standing around and putting up barricades the damage is already done.

Why is this happening? Because of the Bush Super rich family bringing in the first boat load of Muslims and Obama and all our Senators and Congressmen letting this maniac start an invasion of Muslims and Illegal aliens to kill us and destroy our Country. These are the people that made our country unsafe. Our Presidents and our Senators and Congressmen  with the help of the UN telling our Country what they want us to do. And Obama going to the UN with out our knowledge making deals with all these third world countries and all our enemies how to destroy our Country.  Where were our supposed great Republican Party to protect us from the Communist Demo-rats like Schumer and Pelosi and all the Demo-rats and Obama to stop them. No where. These cowards hide in the closet and and did nothing!!! So what do we still have in this Country because of the Illegal Mexicans and Muslims Crime and terror and Gangs running loose control all the Demo-rat Cities and States with their form of Terror.

No one can help the people. Only the people can help them selves. Carry a gun and be ready to use it to protect your life and your family. If our enemy our Government didn’t always make laws top protect the Criminals the Illegal Mexicans, The Muslim and all the Gangs instead of making laws to protect we the people against these Psychopaths that want to kill us. We the people would be safe.

And who knows if this Government and the Shadow Government that rule this country didn’t  set up this mass murders of soft targets and every bombing that there is in this Country. No Muslim has been put to death that has committed a murder. No Illegal Mexican has been put in jail or get the death sentence. So these people are free to commit all the crimes they want to in this country. That is why the people have to carry a gun no matter where we are in our own country because our our enemy our Past Presidents and all our Senators and Congressmen who past laws and protect the criminals first, other countries and none white people of this country. The Government has successfully divided this country into 3 sections and these people our protected by laws the Traitors have passed to allow them to go unpunished for their Crimes. The “Cry Baby Black population, all the Illegal Mexicans and all the Gang Bangers are free to kill the White people!

.Carry a gun and protect your self. The police and the Government can’t protect anyone! Deport all the Muslims and all the Illegal; Mexicans and the Dreamers they are all Gang Bangers!

These phony Senators and Congressmen and the Fake news media talk about equality under the Constitution of the USA. There is no equality when you have laws like Affirmative Action a law that chooses Negros and other Minorities above the White male population. All for the votes to keep them ruling and stealing our money and making them super rich and making us their slaves.