Deport all Muslims and Illegal Aliens they are not Immigrants!!!

What are the Demo-rats interested in besides turning the United States of America into a third world country where we the American citizens have no money in our pockets because they practice Communist Doctrine of making the people pay taxes so high they can’t live like free people.

As you can see from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer  calling raise’s people are getting on their jobs because of President Trumps tax brakes, :Crumbs” These Nazi Communist Demo-rats want all the money from everyone. They will never be happy if we the people have an extra buck in our pockets.

Do they care about the American White middle Class who really pay the highest taxes and not the rich, and so what? Pelosi and Schumer are multi Billionaires if not more they are rich and they never pay taxes. All the Demo-rats and Republicans are the real rich and the White working Class are the real poor because of them.

Do the Nazi Communist Demo-rats or the Fake News Media  care about we the people Hell no! They care about 800 thousand Illegal Aliens, They are not Immigrants. They are Criminals who broke into this  country with the help of Obama and the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party, and Mexico, and they paid them big money, our money that we worked for and the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party gave them everything free while stabbing we the people in the back and destroying our Country.

Who cares about DACA or the dreamers that were brought here Illegally and most are criminals and belong to the MS Thirteen Gang that is in every state of our Country ruling the streets with murder, drugs and they get away with it because the Nazi Demo-rat Party has been in charge for what 70, 80 years, and always sided with the criminals and passed laws to help the Gangs, because they controlled the neighborhoods and brought in the votes fro the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party. And where were the Republicans to fight for what is right for our Country? NO WHERE!!! They helped the Nazi’s Communist Demo-rat Party why do you think they are always fighting and stopping President Trump from doing what we wanted him to do. Do you as a working citizen care about the Illegal Aliens or their children  or the Bull shit Dreamers? NO! I don’t!

In there countries you couldn’t get the right time of day. These Banana Republics and Mexico would rather shoot you dead in the streets then look at you. Do you see any other country that has two languages  to satisfy Illegal Aliens who refuse to learn English. Who are basically still savages right out of their Countries where 90% of them were in  their Prisons and Mental institutions and were sent here because of the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party and Traitor Republicans wanting to desultory our Country, with the help of they vote. The Nazi {Party would allow Illegal Aliens, Mexicans to vote like they did in California. Remember Joe the asshole Biden the ex-VP was so happy that because of the Illegal Mexicans the White people were no longer the majority of the Country.

President Trump…deport all the Dreamers and Illegal Mexicans and Muslims none of these people belong in a civilized country like the United States of America. The Nazi Communist Party are using you so they can get the Muslim and Illegal Aliens vote to vote you out so they have full control of our Country again. Why do you think we voted for you.If you give them Amnesty I guarantee you will not be President of this country come 2020 we the people are counting on you. We will always back you if you do what we wanted you to do and said you would. Please don’t go back on your promise.