Blah, Blah, Blah, all talk and no indictments

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Blah, Blah, Blah. All talk and no action. I am tires of listing to all the Conservative news people and Hannity who is doing a super great job of exposing all these Rats including the biggest Rat of all, Obama. Hannity has brought charges against all of the Treasonous rats like Comey, Hillary Clinton, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper and all the FBI  people at  the top, Doing what Obama ordered them to do in “Spy Gate” and every other crime they committed against President Trump. Not to speak of the the Treasonous acts by Hillary Clinton for money for herself and her crime family.

There no indictments because Session is a plant of the Political Left. Rosenstein is a plant from Obama to do what he can to destroy the peoples President. The I.G. has disappeared and nothing will,be heard from him another Obama appointee. And what about Wrey or what ever the FBI guys name is who told congress and the Senate that he would not take orders from President Trump. Every FBI chief took orders fro=m the Presidents of the USA and worked for the Presidents. And this guy says he wont. Who the hell is the FBI, the KGB of the USA to topple a President of a free country like ours.  President Trump is his boss, not the other way around, same thing for that Rat traitor Demo-rat appointee Muller.

We the people are tired of hearing how guilty these people are and want to see them indited and go to jail, like everyone else who brakes the law. They are all walking around shooting off their mouths how they didn’t do anything wrong and every one knows the all lied to save Hillary Clinton and Obama and steal the election as if this country were a “Banana Republic” Stop the talk and do something and pout these people in jail. Get rid of that pace of crap Session who recluses himself from everything  because he is as guilty as everyone else and there to protect all his friends. And Roseinstein is there to stop President Trump and everyone else from putting these people and himself in jail. And they are getting away with every crime that committed. All this “stone walling ‘ and making sure no one goes to jail, that all it is that the Obama Government have no intentions of sending any of his people and including himself to jail. And the Fake News Media is backing them up all the way. Put these bastard in jail,or quit telling us what they have done wrong and their crime. What good is knowing all this crap if nothing is going to be done to punish these Rats.