G7 meetings are there to screw the USA


Good for President Trump, the USA will not be robbed or pushed around by Canada or any other G7 Country and nothing is going to happen to our trade. In fact our Trade will get better. Obama the Traitor and coward and money hungry Homo Rat made deals with other countries that cost the USA tons of money. We have to pay them their tax but no one ever paid our tax to sell their products here. And Obama and the greedy Senators and Congressmen made sure that these other countries were subsidized by our Tax dollars and win, win, for them and a loose for us which is what Obama and these other phony friends so called, did to us and Obama and the Senators and Congressmen got their “Kick Backs” in money, through their children that were put into the game of screwing the USA. We should also get out of NAFTA it does nothing for us and everything for Mexico and Canada.

Also with a trade war companies that make a bad product will go under and we don’t have top pay big money for goods that are not worth buying. Prices for we the people will go down when these countries have to compete with other countries that send their product here. When we make them pay like they do to us.

Good for President Trump to walk out, he doesn’t work for other countries, like Obama and other  presidents did. Trade wars are good for the people because the price of goods will go down and that is money in our pockets not the Business that own the G7 Countries and the crooked greedy politicians that run those Countries. It is OK for these countries to rape us with 270% taxes for our goods but they don’t want to pay for theirs top come into this country. Good work on our Presidents dissensions  to walk out of  the G7. All these meetings are about how they can screw the USA.

They aren’t dealing with a Bush, Carter, Clinton of Obama who were more then happy to work for other countries then work for our Country. It’s all about money, “Kick Backs” and screwing the United States of America. We don’t need to deal with these countries they need to deal with us! Screw all the G7 Countries, Canada and Mexico and all of them, we’re not dummies any more we have a real leader that is interested in the USA First!!! President Trump!!