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It’s about time we start beating the Muslims. If Obama and Hillary Clinton were still in power more of our troops would die instead of the enemy. This is good news1



Report: Top ISIS finance chief killed in U.S.-Kurdish raid

July 3, 2018

Report: Top ISIS finance chief killed in U.S.-Kurdish raidYuriy Seleznev / Shutterstock

A U.S.-led strike in Syria just made it a little harder for ISIS to buy guns.

A joint raid between American-led and Kurdish forces killed ISIS’s top finance and logistics chief on Saturday, Kurdish newspaper Rudaw reported. 

The leader, known as Abu Oneida, was killed alongside two operatives in the joint attack in Northwestern Iraq, according to Sirwan Barzani, the head of Peshmerga in Makhmour. The raid comes amid a U.S.-led campaign against the remaining pockets of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The strike was a co-operative effort between Kurdish Peshmerga and the coalition, Barzani told Rudaw. Kurdish forces working with the coalition tracked the militants hiding near Mount Qarachogh by the town of Makhmour.

Backed by coalition airplanes, Peshmerga descended upon the ISIS hide-out around 6 p.m. (local time) and killed the three operatives, including the finance chief. Barzani said another attack killed two more ISIS operatives on Sunday.

The raids mark the latest blow to ISIS’s financing operations. The U.S.-led coalition killed the terror group’s top oil chief in eastern Syria in May, the Defense Department said.

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Rpt: Top ISIS Finance Chief is Killed in US Led Raid

U.S. targets pockets of ISIS in Syria

The latest victories against ISIS mark a stark contrast to the situation three years ago, when the terror group controlled a large region in northwestern Iraq.

Iraq declared the terror group defeated in December of 2017 after a rapid turn-about that has been credited to an aggressive bombing campaign by the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump delegated more authority to the Defense Department to make their own strategic decisions, leading to an aggressive series of strikes that have all but defeated the group and forced it to retreat to small pockets near the border with Syria. However, the administration has also drawn criticism for civilian casualties.

The U.S. has continued to strike targets in Syria and Iraq to defeat leftover pockets of militants that remain in the desert near the border.

Meanwhile, Iraq has started building a fence along the border with Syria to keep ISIS terrorists out.

Is Trump winning against ISIS?

Three years ago, ISIS controlled a sprawling territory in Iraq. Now the group is desperate and hiding out in the desert.

Trump promised to defeat ISIS – and he delivered.