Oberst Muller Heil Hillary Clinton and the ex Fuhrer Obama

Oberst MUller s a threat against the United States of America, Oberst Muller is doing the same thing that Fuhrer Obama and Fuhrer Hillary Clinton told the FBI, The CIA, and the DOJ to stop Trump from becoming the President of the USA.

Oberst Muller has been trying for over a year to get President Trump fired and out of the Presidency for over a year. now and has gotten nowhere. President Trump is innocent of any phony charges that the Oberst Muller has tried to link our President too. Oberst Muller takes his orders from the Nazi-Communist Deom-rat Party and has hired all of Fuhrer Hillary Clinton and Obama lawyers to frame President Trump.

So the Oberst Muller should be shut down and tried as a Traitor for trying to destroy President Trump just like Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the top people in the FBI they are all the same. They hate President Trump because he is a man for the USA the only one in the modern day history that is for our Freedom our Constitution and we the people of the USA. He is bringing jobs back to our Country he is stopping cold Open Borders and is trying to stop Chain Migration and lottery migration and the Invasion of the Muslims who don’t belong in a civilized Country and that are working for The Fuhrer Obama and they would be working for the Other Nazi Communist Hillary Clinton.

The Fake News media wanted the first Negro to President that is why they have protected him for all Treasonous acts against our Country. The Invasion of Illegal Aliens from Mexico and Pan America to here.  The Nazi Demo-rat Party is fighting ing President Trump all the way. Even McConnell, and his Traitor Republicans, and that goes for Ryan,  is against our President., yet McConnell and his wife and her family are owned by the Chinese Government and get 25 million a month from her family shipping business with China.

So Oberst Muller can only destroy people who even said hello to President Trump and destroy their lives.  When in reality it was Fuhrer Obama and the other Traitor Hillary Clinton and the whole Demo-rat Party that tried to steal the election form, President Trump. Proof we can elect Lawyers and professional Politicians to any office if we want a true Government that is for our Country and our Country alone. Nad never let anyone serve over two Terms. Never it is like never register your gun any time to the corrupt Government we have today that are more criminals then Statesmen.

But if you are a Nazi Communist Demo-rat none of these people who broke the law will ever be convicted of any crime they committed and will never go to jail. Sessions is the one who will never convict them. Get rid of Sessions and hire someone from the outside like judge Jennie Perro. Ans he would convict them all including Obest Nazi Communist Muller!!! Heil Fuhrer Hillary Clinton!!!