McConnell doesn’t know Jack Shit about we the people


Mitch McConnell is an extremely weak leader, in the Senate. He made the same speech in 2016, as he did the other day that he sounded like the Fake News Media was right that the Republicans would lose the Majority. McConnell is a looser and a Rat. McConnell wants the Demo-rats to win, then McConnell and the other Traitors can steal money hand over fist and continue to destroy the United States as Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to do. Open borders one Hemisphere from South America to Canada and we would have open borders no laws no Country and be Globes run by the UN.

But in the meantime, McConnell and the rest of the Traitors would get richer. McConnell’s wife ‘s family works for Communist China in the shipping industry. Why do you think McConnell doesn’t want to give up his seat in the Senate. McConnell is against a phony trade war because then he and his wife might get their annual 25 million dollars a year when he uses his influence to stick up and pass laws for China to work against the United States. All these Senators and Congressmen who have served two terms should be voted out. They are thieves of the worst kind, Traitros to our Country they sell us for money to everyone as long as they stay rich. And when any of these Seantors or Congressmen want your money for their election don’t give theese Rat Bastards one cent. They gave stole enough money for themselves to last a thousand yeras for themselves and their families.

And that goes for the Nazi Comnmunbist Nazi Demo-rta Party and the Republicans too. They have so much money they don’t know where to hide it. And then they put on the poor act and tell you other people are rich and they will tax the rich. Bullshit. They tax the hard woirking middle Class never the rich. They are the rich and they don’t pay their faeshare of taxes.

And we the people are stupid to listen to the Fae News Media, and any Politician like McConnell, Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer they are not for the USA they are for themselves and their families getting richer. there isn’t enough money to satisfy them now they want to be rulers of the worlds. And what about we the people….it’s called Fuck the People!!!