Use your own money

Again I am getting letters from congressmen and senators to donate money to them for their election and I refuse to give these millionaires money they got rich on inside trading and selling us out by making laws for companies and they give billions of our dollars to people who want to destroy us like George Soros. Now when they retire even if they served one term they get full pay of a 147,000.00 a year. When we retire we get a few thousand but if you are like a lot of people that worked for a city or state and lets say you have 60 hrs instead of 120 hrs of Social Security, becasue some of your pay goes into a retirement fund and no S.S. is taken out, is cut to the bone and you get nothing thanks to a Demo-rat from Chicago named Dan Rustenkowsky, they claim you are double dipping. But it is OK for Congressmen and Senators to dip for more money selling their favors to anybody who pays them. Enemies or friends. Here is a better one that that Jimmy Carter and the Demo-rats and traitor republicans passed to give away our S.S. money. If you are 65 and come from a Foreign country and when you come here and never worked a day in your life iin this country you get over $2,300.00 a month. How about that but if you are White and worked all your life in S.S you get it stuck up your ass with a stick with no grease. That goes for the Illegal Aliens and Mexicans and Muslims and families that come in to our Country with 60 realities and we pay for them and their children. Why do you think the Muslims can buy whole cities they get our S.S. money and they are tribes and they pool the money and buy up whole cities. None of these Congressmen and senators ever worked for the people that voted for them they have always worked for people outside our country and gave them our money. All the Hindus that came from India own 70% of all gas stations and motels and stores in the south because our Government made them rich with our S.S. money they paid for everything they own for free and then they get subsidized if they loose money in their Gas/store stations and motels and naturally they lopes money, why wouldn’t they because our government pays them with our money and they never have to pay anyone back. But as citizens of our own country these Rats stick it to we the people. Try and see if the Government will give you the money out right to open a business, You get nothing and if your White who the Government really hate you get less then that.

this article goes 100% toward the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party who have told us they are going to turn our Country into Socialism, open borders and tax we the people into starvation! Never give these traitors money and never vote for a Nazi Demo-rat. They are the real thieves and liars killers of mankind. Hillary Clinton describes the Demo-rats to a Tee when she talks about the Republicans. When is the DOJ going to indite her for treason and selling secrets to Russia for hundreds of millions of dollars.

President Trump used his own money. These guys are rich enough to use their own money.