Our President Trump has the Constitution, but not the help from our enemies our Senators and Congressmen


Obama destroyed our economics with his pen and phone, Obama is responsible for the destruction of our Country. Obama stole Trillions of dollars for himself. Obama put in his

Pocket ultimately it was taking from the drug dealers and other criminals throughout the United States into his pocket text free. Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer never said a word that Obama was pocketing all this free morning visions if not trillions plus what he borrowed and stole from China. How many pallets of money did Obama keep on the plane for himself after he gave all that money to your Iran to help support all the terrorist’s wealth the Middle East.

No Democrat or Republican said a word that Obama was putting all that money in his pocket. What our president the greatest president from the 20th century to now Pres. Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats will not give our president $5 billion to do the wall. And Republicans are right with you your Democrats don’t kid yourself the rats too. Now when Pres. Trump said that he wants to take the billions of dollars from L log chap boated the dealer that we have in the United States of America was going to go to prison for the rest of his life Nancy Pelosi to pig and Chuck Schumer that socialist rat, refused to give that money to Pres. Trump so he can finish building that wall to protect the United States of America. What for their great Negro God Obama it was flying you do whatever you want to do you want billions of dollars or they could tax-free your own at this but nothing. These politicians are the scum of the earth. They are a party of legalized murder, they are a party of supporting crime,, they are party of supporting illegal Mexicans and aliens into this country.

They are following the Obama doctrine of destroying the United States of America with the help of the invasion of all the scum Muslims terrorists that have come into this country because of him. Like a Trojan horse he laid the groundwork for the Muslims to take over this country destroy our Constitution destroy our freedom make us slaves to a murder cult religion, and the gang bangers MS 13 and the rest of the gangs will take over run the streets in our blood will flow like water.

So keep your gun by Ammo practice and when the time comes we will have to fight for our freedom and we will have to destroy those people including our enemy the Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Congressman and Senators who are traders to our Pres. Trump into our country. The demo rat murder party is pushing for Civil War they better be careful because they just might get it. Obama is the worst president of the United States of America seen since it is conception back in 1776. A tratior a spy, he committed treason along with his girlfriend Hillary Clinton many times when they sold arms to the people that were killing our soldiers when they murdered Amb. Stevens and those for heroic young men who tried to save his life. Obama backed the terrorists and Muslims against our troops are young men and women who were sent to these godforsaken places the flight not for the United States of America but for the UN. Obama sent soldiers to one of the countries in Africa and it was developing oil to protect the oil for guestwho… George Soros interests. The Democratic Party gives George Soros billions and billions of dollars to try to take over small countries in Eastern Europe and destroy our country with his phony open borders bull ship policy and the demo rats following the Obama doctrine give this guy all the money he wants. But Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer, and a demo rat socialist chiller party along with trader Republicans go along with the murder party of Democrats.

This is from Big Bob B.:

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