President Trump should stop taking advice Politicians

Proof today that president Trump should stop taking advice from professional Republican and Democrat politicians. They have led president Trump down the card and path, a path run by Obama people and people that hate the United States of America and only want one thing that our country is destroyed. After Trump went to the border and talk to the police that were guarding our border and what was happening because of homeland security in the person they ran it. Kristjen Nielsen.President Trump asked for and got her resignation.

Looks like she was one of Obama’s people because she was doing bad things to president Trump with his wall. Being his chief of homeland security she did whatever she felt like and was ordering these people to let illegal illegal aliens through into our country.

President Trump should figure out that every professional politician that is Washington DC is a freaking snake and can’t be trusted. Trust your own people bring your own people into these posts the only thing professional politicians are going to do, is they’re not going help you save our country they are going to help the Democrats and Rhino Republicans and Mitch McConnell in all his crew to destroy our country.

Bring in your people that you trust that are not politicians. Then Mr. Pres. you will be able to move forward, enclosing our border to illegal Mexicans and everybody that is illegal coming into this country. You will never get the help you are hoping for from the tratiors that are with the Republican Party run by Mitch O’Connell, Paul Ryan who gave everything up and always help the Democrats. If it was not for Donald Trump, you Mr. Pres. there would be no Republican Party. Remember they have all taken big money from Mexico, Mexico owns them all.

All these professional politicians are all backstabing rats you should never trust them,
I don’t trust our government, I don’t trust I Republican Party I don’t trust our Democratic Party they are the enemies of we the free people of the United States of America.

If it were not for the Republican Party people and Democratic Party people that still take their orders from people like Obama, Joe Biden, Clinton, Bush, all the way back to Woodrow Wilson none of them ever worked for the United States of America. They always worked for the enemy of this country and for themselves to become multi-billionaire by selling us out, they are all traitors.

Pick your own guys Mr. Pres. don’t let these political rats try to change your mind and bring one of their people to cut you up and stab you in the back every time.
We the people of the United States are with you a hundred and 20%, because we know that you are alone and that you are the only one that is fighting for our country.
Thank you, you should go down in history as a real hero of the United States of America trying save the United States of America like St. Dominic save the Catholic Church.